Meet the Team

Drew Overbay (co-owner)


"Hi! I'm Drew, and I am one of the co-owners of Shape Shift. I began the hobby of object manipulation in 2015 and have been working diligently to improve my skills and the community around me ever since. What started out as something just for fun has slowly engulfed my life. I've met some of my greatest friends because of this art form, and now it supports me financially. It has truly blessed my life in more ways than one, and that blessing is something I truly wish to bring to others."

Emin Gadzhiyev (co-owner)

"Hello, My name's Emin! I co-own Shape Shift with Drew.

I deal with building any props that aren't poi, and 3D print all of the printed hardware we offer. I've been spinning for around 4-7 years- depending on the prop, and am happy to be of assistance to you.

If you have any questions regarding hardware, feel free to message me!"

Bryce Smithe

"Bryce W. Smith is a 28 y/o innovator in the flow community. Creator of Evol Kid Media and pioneer of aesthetic flow content. Bryce is always combining mediums."

Calvin Brown

"Calvin Brown fell in love with poi, as many do, after seeing their first hyperloop. He didn’t realize then that it would change his life. This brought him to know the joy of being at peace with oneself & the wonderful feeling of belonging to such an amazing community. He set out on his journey of self discovery & flow 10 years ago continuing to teach Poi, Doublestaff, & Contact-staff locally & across the mid-west."

Cory & Alicia 

(Facebook) (Youtube)

"Cory & Alicia discovered the world of flow arts in 2012 while searching for inspiration for the first dance at their wedding. Since then, they’ve worked to expand the field of partner poi while spreading the joy of flow arts to others through teaching. When they’re not spinning, you can find Drs. Cory & Alicia researching LEDs and carbon capture materials."

Andy Hersee

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"Hey! I'm Andy aka hersmunch :) I've been spinning since shortly after I joined the Southampton uni circus soc back in 2005. It didn't take me long to find and start going to all the juggling conventions and festivals I could. While my first love will always be diabolo, I've found that poi is what I enjoy exploring most. Even though I've been spinning for quite a while, I've only been filming and putting stuff out into the community relatively recently. It's safe to say I'm more of a tech geek on my journey of discovery than a performer, as being on stage in front of all you talented people scares me. I still love sharing the tricks and concepts with everyone and I'm always up for jamming, exchanging ideas and meeting new people. So yeah, hopefully I'll catch you at a future EJC or festival in the UK, or maybe in the rest of Europe. I'd love to learn something from you :D"

Fernanda Sumano

"Hi, Im Fernanda from México I’m start to play poi one year ago in Playa del Carmen.
I love learn new things, im a hula hoop teacher and artist with 12 years of experience im a enthusiast for juggle and flow arts.
I want to share how everybody can learn and practice poi.
If I do, u can do it!"

Tee Conway

"I'm Tee. I've been spinning poi for 8 years. It's by far my favorite flow art. I also spin the Levi wand, staff, and recently picked up juggling. I have always been interested in teaching and performing flow arts and I am excited to learn some new ones like triple contact staff, double hoops and fans."

Enid Baez (Void)

"Here we have what we like to describe as a “manic mover” due to his inability to stand still. Whether it’s fire spinning, poi slinging, or beat killing, Void is absolutely in love with movement arts. Void started his poi journey, when he received his first pair of poi as a gift, fun fact that very set was one of the original poi orders shape shift ever produced, from a long time poi friend. The obsession quickly took over this young spinner, 3 years later you would never guess that he’s only been spinning as long as he has had, void describes his style of poi as balanced, implementing both traditional and new school perceptions of tech and flow, void likes to apply all poi knowledge to his style, sprinkling a dash of hip hop dance concepts such as musicality it really ties his style together. His name is void."

Colby Henderson

"I started spinning poi during the fall of 2013, with the help of a few friends. I quickly grew to love the flow arts and took up hoop and contact juggling as well. However, there is something about poi that keeps me hooked. During the next couple of years my friends and I formed a troupe and performed locally. I eventually taught workshops at local spin jams and hosted my own jams occasionally. I became sponsored by ShapeShift and shortly after that, taught and performed at Florida Flow Fest in 2017. I performed at a couple other smaller local festivals as well. I can definitely say I wouldn't be the person I am today without poi and flow arts. I am grateful for all of the friends that I've made, the places I've been, and the opportunities that flow arts have brought me."

Ryan & Krysten (Soysauce & Seasoned Salt)

"Soy Sauce and Seasoned Salt (Ryan & Krysten) are a snazzy spectacle of spinning shenanigans! Both professional performers, they practise a plethora of props and partner arts. Their recent projects include weekly partner sequences, worldwide poi collaboration videos, and digital art."

Marielle Ramirez

Dan Betlejewski (The Poifessor)

"Dan is a poi spinner and fire artist from northern California known as The Poifessor. After years of focusing heavily on poi drills he has stepped out of his comfort zone into character acting and dance. As a long time poi spinner and fire artist it is now Dan's goal to fuse fire dance and musical theater."

Chance Pitre

"Whaddup!? I’m Chance Pitre aka Poiboipitre on Instagram, I am based out of San Diego, CA and am ALWAYS down to flow! I have been spinning balls for about 5 years, coming from the rave scene in Southern California it took me a little while to find it, but but in august of 2019 my life was changed when I was introduced to spinning fire. It’s now, hands down, the activity I love to do most. I’ve slowly started to expand my interests and learn more props over the last few months, Including double staff and juggling clubs I couldn’t be more excited to spread my art and meet all my flow fam around the world. I am not the best teacher in the world but please reach out if you ever have questions or if I can help in any way!"

Esteban Banal

"Hola! I'm Esteban (estebanal) from los Angeles- Chile, I'd been spinning/ juggling poi for almost 4 years and I'd like to travel and share my skills with everyone and learn poi together, it was very difficult for me improve my skills because where I live I was the only poi spinner, that's why I want everyone get to know poi as the wonderful prop that it is."

Lucas Hester (Mr.Knots)

"Hello Flowmies!

I am Lucas Hester ~ aka Mr. Knots! I’ve been a Flow Artist and Fire Performer for over 6 years and am currently completing my master’s in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management at Colorado State University, which I intend to use for the Flow Arts! I am living in Central Oregon where I am working as an independent Social Media Manager and collaborating on a Fire Performance Troupe with other local flow artists. I am also running a Flow Arts YouTube show called Mr. Knots Flowlosophy, which I encourage you go check out if you are interested in the culture and philosophies that shape the flow arts! My long-term goals as a flow artist are to help popularize the art form so it can benefit more people and to eventually host a year-round flow arts camp/retreat that has various programs geared toward fostering our abilities as artists, fostering the flow arts community, and helping people to foster their own bodies and minds. I do not have a shy bone in my body, so please reach out to me if you would like to introduce yourself and have a conversation!"

Ronnie Reyes

"People sometimes call me Buddha, namaste! Denver grown, surrounded by a beautiful flow arts community. I’ll be coming up on my first year of spinning in April, given that fact I’m very much so appreciative to spin with the individuals on this team. Looking to pick up more props in the years to come, and meet individuals that thrive through movement."

Brandan Eggleston

"Hey fellow flowmies! I’m Brandan Eggleston or egglasaurusrex on insta! I started my poi journey about 4 years ago and just did it here and there for a couple years but I was reintroduced to poi when I got into the burner community. I really got into it and started meeting more flow artists in the community and I haven’t stopped since. The flow arts community has been such an accepting and uplifting community and I’m so grateful to be apart of it! I literally can’t walk past my poi without picking them up for at least a sequence or two! I am very excited to spread something that gives me so much joy throughout the flow community and the world and continue to meet more amazing people along the way! If anyone ever has any questions I am always more than happy to help!"