LED Contact Poi

LED Contact Poi

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These LED poi are not only super bright, but also super comfortable for contact rolls! If you're looking for contact poi that perfectly mimic you practice poi set, look no further! They can be set up with any of our ropes and handles for a truly customized feel. They use the new Flowtoys capsule 2.0 with endless customizations and settings!

With this order you will receive: a pair of CUSTOM LED contact poi designed by you

Hardware Specs -

  • Capsule Lights: Almost any question you have about the Flowtoys capsule 2.0 can be answered on by their website. FLOWTOYS SUPPORT. These capsules can be used on any of our LED props, and are covered under Flowtoys warranty

  • Ropes:
    1. Static Ropes: 11mm White, Blue, or Lime Green. This rope is stiffer, making it great for contact and tosses. It also has a protective coating that prevents the rope from dreading and shrinking, and is highly recommended by the Shape Shift team for anyone who favors juggling static props!

    2. VPC ‘‘Hybrid Performance” Ropes: 10mm or 11mm available in colors (white, navy, & grey) Used by many poi jugglers for its awesome reflexes and ability to stay straight when tossed. This rope is has characteristics of both a static and floppy rope.

  • Handles:
    1. Ultraknob Pro LED handles (stubby penguin) with many modes and colors (+$35 per handle)