Isis Knot Static Fire Poi (Juggling Calling)
Isis Knot Static Fire Poi (Juggling Calling)

Isis Knot Static Fire Poi (Juggling Calling)

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We are officially distributing those poi from Juggling Calling, a French, high quality fire props company that created this new type of poi!
More info and testings on this video

The unique Static Fire Poï offer a stunning feeling, somewhere in between of VPC and Semi-Static ropes, while producing impressive flames and being the most durable option ! Yes, all of that.
The rope specially created for Juggling Calling, is made of a very dense braiding of 100% Kevlar continuous fibers - different from the Kevlar used for the wicks. It is even more heat resistant than the classic Technora, and will push the possibilities of fire poi juggling, slow and tech spinning, to be even closer to your day poi !
“We make the Original Monkey Fist with a non-absorbent core. Here is why it is so much better : we realized that what makes fire poï juggling and technical routines so hard is the difference of weight between the beginning and end of the burn. Those poï hold enough fuel to have a huge flame for a good amount of time, and they feel better with a manageable weight evolution during the burn. That was our conclusion after the first 6 months of juggling the product we created :-)”

Isis 180gr vs. Monkey Fist 210gr:

• The Monkey fist is the first version and was designed for slow spinning, juggling and throws, stalls etc... They match perfectly 100mm Contact Poi.
• The isis is lighter, closer to a 90 or 95mm Contact Poi, fits for faster moves due to its shape while still benefiting from a super stable rope when you throw or stall it!

Knobs options:

  • LED Ultraknob Pro
  • Penguin - Regular, Stubby or XL by Prop Box Approved (3D printed)
  • Pomgrip
  • PX4
  • Play Knob (sphere)

Safety :
Spinning fire can be very dangerous if you are not following some safety rules. Learn more : Fire Safety

Here a list of safety rules that apply to the case of Fire Poï with Static Kevlar leashes :
• Soak only 9/10th of the Poï head in fuel, the last bit will soak up immediately, but you won't risk soaking the tether. If you accidentally soak your tethers, no panic. If it's just a little bit it's okay, spin them normally, just be extra careful to not leave them hanging. Having the tethers on fire doesn't degrade them more since they're exposed to the same temperature. If it's soaked all the way, spray a good amount of water on them and have a safety ready to extinguish when you light them up again.
• Don't leave your Poï burning without movement for more than 5sec. The heat will build up and degrade the tethers MUCH quicker.

- Tether material : Static Kevlar rope
- Head Size : 75mm x 90mm (Isis)
- Head Weight : 180gr Isis
- Heads material : 100% Kevlar wick rope
- Burn Time :??? With white gas